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Applications Of The Controlled-Source Radiomagnetotelluric Method In Near-Surface Investigations

A. Shlykov (St Peterburg University, Geodevice LLC), K. Antashchuk (St Peterburg University), A. Saraev (St Peterburg University), A. Simakov (St Peterburg University), S. Agrahari (Indian Institute of Technology)

The application of the CSRMT method with an electric dipole as a controlled source for the mapping of sand and gravel deposit is demonstrated. The survey was fulfilled in the far-field zone of the controlled source and standard magnetoteluric software tools were used for the 2D inversion. Good correlation with borehole sections and VES data confirmed the reliability of the CSRMT results. A possibility of the estimation of anisotropy on the resistivity of the subsurface is based on the measurements in the transition zone where the influence galvanic and induction modes of EM field of the used controlled source are observed. An example of the CSRMT method application for coefficients of the anisotropy determination was shown using synthetic data using the resistivity logging diagram.

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