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Oceanography studies setup

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Oceanography studies are typically perfomed in wide range of water depth and require larger signal penetration with preserving high frequency content to resolve small-scale geology features. Equipment for regional studies could be used in more severe weather conditions and faster vessel speeds and hence demands special efforts for their design and implementation. Distinctive feature of such setups is impressive maximum energy values, that can be used for signal generation (they may reach up to 25kJ) and multi-level sparkers with the possibilty to fire each level with delay to increase low frequency energy content.

Multi-level sparkers are extremely durable with stable signature due to negative discharge technology and unique tip material. They do not require frequent maintanence even while working on large energies. To increase weather operational window and low energy content sparkers can be towed up to 5 m depth.

Additionaly, multi-level sparkers working with MultiJack energy sources support cutting-edge shooting technology – pre-defined delay is used to shoot at each sparker level for each shot. This results in constructive interference of wavefields, generated by each level, resulting in increasing low frequency energy, thus providing increased signal penetration.

To reduce towing noises from the receiver side we use longer elastic sections both in front and at the end of the streamer. Full control of streamer position is provided by depth controllers, 3C compasses and inertial navigation system sensors, installed on the streamer. All data are passed throught the interface block and can be monitored in the real time.

All cables and streamers operated by automatic deck winches to support safe and convenient system deployment.

Our equipment is succesfully installed on several academic research as well as commercial vessels for regional studies.

Generally, powerfull setup may include following equipment: