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Oasis Montaj - a software platform offering aadvanced solution for geological and geophysical problems

Main features:
  • Unified environment for working with geophysical, geochemical, geological and GIS data
  • Dynamic link between data and visualization results
  • Working with large data sets
  • Downloading data from public servers
  • More than 20 processing modules
  • Flexible licensing system
  • Processing modules for automated detection of UXO
  • Modules for working with UAV data
  • Conversion of data with any coordinate system to a given one
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Oasis Montaj software platform (Geosoft) provides a standard for working with geophysical, geochemical, geological and GIS data. For more than 30 years, the platform has been constantly updated with new features that help professionals around the world store, exchange, process and visualize data sets for various exploration and prospecting projects.

Powerful modeling, processing and visualization tools allow you to easily manage, visualize and analyze the entire volume of geological, geochemical, and geophysical information from a single database and share it with specialists involved in the implementation of the project in a form convenient to them.

The platform is successfully used by various geoscience professionals working in areas such as:
  • Mineral exploration
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Environmental projects
  • UXO detection
  • Engineering surveys, design and construction
  • Public administration
  • Scientific research

When working with the Oasis Montaj platform, a single high-performance yet compressible database is created in which all project data is stored. Thanks to the dynamic links, you can easily keep track of all available project information simultaneously in the database, on graphs, maps and in 3D images. The software platform supports over 50 data types and formats for export and import. Using Oasis Montaj throughout the project allows you to store all the information in a single database and, if necessary, return to the project in order to re-analyze the data with the latest information.

Possibilities for data processing of point, profile line and areal ground and airborne surveys, as well as data of marine observations, have been implemented. Oasis Montaj includes modules for working with magnetic, gravimetric, electrical, radiometric, spectrometric, geochemical, and geological data. Seismic survey data can be loaded into the project and used as a priori information. The platform implements the ability to search and download public geospatial data.

The Oasis Montaj platform can help you solve the full range of tasks of an exploration project. Combining the results of geological and geophysical work of past years with topographic maps or satellite images of the territory makes it possible to effectively plan future exploration work. The platform implements free interaction with GIS systems, including ArcGis and ArcMap (ESRI), which greatly simplifies the integration and analysis of information. Replenishing the database during the project implementation process allows to assess the quality of the data received and to make timely adjustments to the project. A comprehensive interpretation of the survey results makes it possible to take into account all the features of the structure of the study area.

Oasis Montaj quickly and correctly transforms the coordinates of various systems and projections.

2D and 3D conversion of data into a uniform network by various methods, interpolation, extrapolation, trimming, calculation of trends, derivatives, extrema search, AGC, alignment and overlay of grids are the most powerful features for 2D and 3D gridding in Oasis Montaj.

Filtering and statistical analysis functions are also part of the Oasis Montaj platform.

At the final stage of the project, Oasis Montaj helps the user to draft the most informative graphic materials for the report and presentation of the project. It is possible to automatically split the map into sheets.

Modular features of Oasis Montaj:
  • Management (planning and control of survey execution) and quality control (QA/QC) of aerial survey data - Airborne quality control extension module
  • Management and processing of data obtained during surveys from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) - UAV Geophysics module
  • Leveling, linking, quality improvement, processing, statistical analysis of geophysical data - Geophysics leveling extension module
  • Data processing of land, air and sea gravity surveys - Gravity and terrain extension module
  • 1D and 2D FFT (fast Fourier transform) filtering - 2D Filtering extension module
  • Estimation of source depth from gravity and magnetic data – Depth to Basement extension module
  • 2D and 3D modeling and inversion of magnetic and gravity data - GM-SYS Profile and GM-SYS 3D modules
  • Management, quality control and data processing of induced polarization (IP) - Induced polarization extension module
  • Management, quality control and data processing of electromagnetic methods – EM utilities extension module
  • 3D modeling and inversion of data of apparent resistivity and induced polarization (IP)
  • 3D modeling and inversion of electromagnetic survey data by the transient electromagnetic method and the frequency domain electromagnetic sounding method
  • Detection and classification of unexploded ordnance (UXO) according to marine and ground magnetic survey data – UXO Marine and UXO Land modules
  • Detection and classification of unexploded ordnance (UXO) based on MetalMapper survey data (created by Geometrics) - UX-Analyze module
  • Management, quality control, visualization, and interpretation of drilling data - Drillhole plotting extension module
  • Processing and analysis of geochemical data - Geochemistry module
  • Processing of terrestrial and airborne spectrometry data - 256 channel radiometrics extension module
  • Automated lineament analysis and search for circular structures – CET Grid Analysis extension and CET Porphyry Detection extension modules
  • Recognition of anomalies by machine vision – Predictive Targeting Extension module
  • Reduction of magnetic survey data to the surface enveloping the relief – Compudrape module
  • Isostatic reduction according to the Airy model – Isostatic Residual extension module
  • Cloud computing for modeling and inversion of magnetic, electrical and gravity data with a given level of detail on a large data array - VOXI Earth Modeling module.

Script recording is implemented to speed up the processing of large amounts of data. The ability to create your own processing procedures using developer tools (API) based on the Python programming language allows you to solve non-trivial tasks using the most powerful data manipulation and visualization tools.

Oasis Montaj is part of the Seequent product ecosystem. What does it mean? Let's consider the following case: a large project on which a team of specialists of various specialties from different geographically distant departments is working. In order for project participants to make correct and quick decisions, it is necessary to provide them with a single space for storing information, the possibility of cataloguing, the convenience of finding, comparing, updating, discussing, coordinating and exchanging information. The DAP Data Management and Central software products from the Seequent ecosystem are indispensable for such a project.

For managing a small project, the free Geosoft Viewer product that allows you to view, convert, export, share data and visualization results, as well as download and view publicly available geospatial information may suffice.

MySeequent account provides the user with detailed training courses, events, useful tips and tricks, and a user help section.