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All-in-One - multipurpose ultrasonic system

Main features:
  • 3 probes system
  • Multipurpose acquisition unit
  • Active-type piezoceramic receivers
  • Corresponds to ASTM D6760-16, ASTM D5882-16, ASTM D2845-08, ASTM C597-16, UNI EN 12504-4
  • Cross-well distance up to 3 m
  • Software included
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All-in-One is an easy-to-use non-destructive testing instrument with a multipurpose acquisition unit and specialized piezoelectric sensors that allows to perform sonic and ultrasonic tests for the characterization in situ and in the laboratory of materials such as concrete, masonry and stone materials, PIT and cross hole in piles and diaphragm foundations.

All-in-One is used to solve a wide range of tasks:

  • Pile Integrity Testing (PIT)
  • Ultrasonic tomography testing of building structures, architectural monuments, and trees
  • Cross-hole logging of concrete foundations, piles, retaining walls, diaphragm foundations, dams, etc.
  • Soil stabilization control
  • Ultrasonic laboratory studies of rock samples

It is well known that the speed of sound depends on the elastic properties of the medium. Measurements of the travel time of ultrasonic pulses in the studied object allow to do non-destructive testing of the material, i.e., to define its strength, homogeneity, presence of cracks or cavities in it.

The All-in-One system is able to measure the propagation time of pressure (P) waves with high accuracy, and for quality control the actual waveform of a signal is displayed on the screen of a tablet connected via Wi-Fi.

There are 3 basic kits of All-in-One:

1) MCHA is designed for ultrasonic cross-hole testing (logging) and tomography of the bored piles, drilled shafts, concrete piles, augercast piles, retaining walls, diaphragm foundations, concrete dams, barrettes, and other similar structures in accordance to ASTM D6760-16. The kit includes a set of specialized borehole piezoelectric modules: receiver, transmitter, and, optionally, combined receiver-transmitter unit. In the maximum configuration, the system allows to perform simultaneous measurements with three “source-receiver” pairs thus significantly reducing the acquisition time and cost. 50 or 80 kHz modules are available. High-power transmitters and high-sensitive active-type piezoelectric receivers allow measurements in wells set more than 3 meters apart.

Delivery set:
  • Acquisition unit All-in-One with charger and set of cables
  • Transmitter probe
  • Receiver probe
  • Bifid probe (option)
  • 2 or 3 pulleys
  • 2 or 3 cable reels (60m or 100 m)
  • Cable driver
  • Tripod
  • Transport case

2) Kit P.I.T is designed for low strain impact integrity of piles testing using echo-methods. In literature, this method is known as Pile Integrity Testing and is described in ASTM D5882-16.

Delivery set:
  • Acquisition unit All-in-One with charger and set of cables
  • Hammer with accelerometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Transport case
  • Software PIT
  • Option: tablet computer

3) Kit CONTACT is designed for ultrasonic testing and tomography for measure of velocities of acoustic waves and detection of defects in bridge piers, walls, columns, statues, trees, rock samples, plastics, resins, and other objects. The kit includes piezoceramic sources and receivers with frequencies of 20 or 55 kHz. If the energy of the piezoelectric emitter is not enough, you can use an impact hammer with an integrated sensor. It is possible to make observations with different positions of the source and receivers: on the one side of the examined object, on opposite sides, and a combined (mixed) variant. Kit CONTACT complies with the requirements of UNI EN 12504-4, ASTM D2845-08, and ASTM C597-16 standards and includes data visualization and processing software.

Delivery set:
  • Acquisition unit All-in-One with charger and set of cables
  • Ultrasonic transmitter
  • Option: impact hammer with integrated sensor
  • High-sensitive active-type piezoelectric receiver – 1 or 2 pcs.
  • Transport case
  • Test sample (PVC cylinder)
  • Software CONTACT-APP
  • Software aTom
  • Option: tablet computer

Number of channels

3 (2 receiving and 1 transmitting)

Analog to digital converter

2 of 12 bits

Input signal type

differential, single ended, IEPE

Maximum input signal

±5 Vpp


from 1 to 40 000 software selectable

Record length in the ring buffer

selectable, 0 - 2000 for 1ch or 0 – 1000 samples for 2 ch mode

Sample rate

from 10 kHz to 12.5 MHz (6.25 MHz for 2 ch)

Record length

up to 8 000 samples for each channel

Sample resolution

12 bits at 12.5 MHz
up to 16 bits at 50 kHz (oversampling)


> 1 MHz


anti-aliasing, digital

Trigger type

hardware, software or threshold

Output voltage of the transmitter

from 100 to 1 200 V

Pulse duration

from 1 to 65 000 µs

Transmitter pulse repetition rate

> 20 pulses per second

Data transmission interface

Wi-Fi 802.11 (100 m)

Pluggable piezoelectric transducers

o   borehole probe (receiver/transmitter):
ø26×150 mm, 50 or 80 kHz

o   piezoceramic receiver (wall-type): 55 kHz

o   piezoceramic transmitter (wall-type): 20 or 55 kHz

o   hammer with accelerometer

o   accelerometer

Power supply

Internal battery LiFePO4 (4.5 А*h)

Charging time

4 h

Power consumption

1.8 W (standby mode)
2.8 W (active measurement mode)


> 35 h or >20 h working


IP 65

Working temperature

0 - 60 °C


320×212×96 mm


2.5 kg

Conforms to the requirements of international standards

UNI EN 12504-4
ASTM C597-16
ASTM D5882-16
ASTM D6760-16