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Towed and deck coaxial HV power cables

Main features:
  • Coaxial structure
  • Kevlar reinforced
  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Stainless steel Kellems grip
1×10 1×20 1×50 1×100 2×10 4×12.5 6×16.7 6×50
Price: on request
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We have developed a series of dedicated cables to ensure efficient transmission of high-voltage pulses from our MultiJack energy source to any type of boomers or sparkers. The coaxial structure results in minimum cable diameter, safe operation, and minimizes electromagnetic interference to the recording equipment. Kevlar reinforcement provides necessary breaking force and allows the source to be towed directly on the feed line. Exceptional cable flexibility is provided by the multi-wire core and shield design. The cables work perfectly both on deck, connecting the SDW winch or HV patch panel to the MultiJack energy source, as well as towed line from the winch to the source. At the end of the towed line, specifically manufactured sealed connectors are installed for connecting the source and stainless steel Kellems grip for reliable towing. A second Kellems grip is installed to secure the cable to the stern, for example when performing operations without a winch from unequipped vessel. The durable polyurethane cable jacket remains flexible in all weather conditions, does not break down on the deck from UV light, is perfectly suits for sea water environment and provides excellent maintainability.

Cable Shield  Q-y of cores Core Breaking force
1×10 10 mm2 1 10 mm2 3 kN
1×20 20 mm2 1 20 mm2 5 kN
2×10 20 mm2 2 10 mm2 10 kN
1×50 50 mm2 1 50 mm2 30 kN
4×11 44 mm2 4 11 mm2 50 kN
4×12.5 50 mm2 4 12.5 mm2 50 kN
1×100 100 mm2 1 100 mm2 50 kN
6×16.7 100 mm2 6 16.7 mm2 50 kN
6×50 300 mm2 6 50 mm2 50 kN