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Graphics setting up in zond products (2.12.2021)
ZondMT2D's MT-editor for MT sounding data postprocessing (20.05.2020)
New possibilities of ZondMT2D software (13.06.2019)
New tips for ZondMT2D (31.10.2018)
Magnetotelluric 2d stable inversion algorithm (18.10.2018)
Noisy data inversion in ZondMT2D (16.10.2016)
2D magnetotelluric inversion for large scale problem (5.06.2015)
TDEM static shift correction of magnetotelluric data (16.04.2015)
Joint 2D inversion of audio magnetotelluric and TDEM data (8.04.2015)
Processing of MT data in ZondMT2D (3.10.2014)
Using of Google maps in ZondMT2d (10.05.2014)
IP effect modelling in ZondMT2D software (6.05.2014)
2D magnetotelluric data inversion with ZONDMT2D (9.11.2013)