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New option for quick processing of multi-repeats AIE-2/Geonics measurements (09.10.2020)
New smart functions of ZondTEM1D (08.05.2019)
Using of AIE-2 BEM files in ZondTEM1d (2.07.2015)
TDEM multi source sounding (30.09.2014)
Operating with areal TDEM data in ZondTEM1d (15.05.2014)
Different ways of profile inversion of TDEM data (8.05.2014)
Joint inversion of frequency domain deep sounding data with magnetic and electrical components (7.05.2014)
Editing of current pulse shape in ZondTEM1d (16.04.2014)
Importing of contours from surfer to ZondTEM1d (15.04.2014)
Joined inversion of TEM, VES and MT data in ZondTEM1d (20.06.2013)