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Titanium handheld electrodes

Main features:
  • Reliable design
  • Current electrode weighs only 585 gr
  • Made of titanium alloy
Price : on request
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Ground electrodes made of titanium alloy have time-tested reliable design but they are much better in durability and lightness than similar products available on market. Current electrode weighs less than 0.6 kg and full set (5 pieces) — less than 2 kg.

Electrodes and reels with “sliding” contact RT-1S help to improve the performance of electrical mprofiling and VES surveying.

The set includes 2 “current” and 3 “receiving” electrodes

Material titanium alloy
Length of “current” electrode 1.1 m
Weight of “current” electrode > 0.6 kg
Length of “receiving” electrode 0.4 m
Weight of “receiving” electrode > 0.25 kg