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Pulse source Pike-12

Main features:
  • High power
  • Wide frequency range
  • Simple and reliable design
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Pike-12 is used in seismic surveys on shore, swamps, river crossings and transit zones with expected exploration depths up to 500-700 m. A powerful wide frequency range acoustic pulse is generated through creation of a high-pressure area within shallow borehole (up to 50 cm depth) pre-drilled with a motor-drill or in a water-filled environment.

Optimal conditions for signal generation with this source are soft clay, loam, plastic sand, dry sand or any water-saturated environment. Below are examples of seismic records, obtained in relatively good excitation conditions on a various objects with fairly complex geological structure, including pinching-out, steep dipping and dome structures. The relief was from calm to highly-rugged. The deepest reflections refer to depths of about 700 m.

System of observation: 96 channels, receiver group spacing 8 m, record length 1 s, sampling period 0.5 ms. Maximum offset - up to 760 m. Groups size: 5 geophones on base of 16 m. The presented seismic records were visualized after a stage of preprocessing, including AGC (100 ms window), predictive deconvolution and bandpass filtering. Since spatial and coherent filterings were not applied, it can be said that practically “field data” is presented on the seismic records.

Pulse energy

4 kJ






1.4 m


7.5 kg

Well diameter

60 mm

Well depth

30-50 cm