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Main features:
  • P and S wave generation
  • Compact design
  • High energy of pulse
  • Ideal repetition of impacts
  • Hammers of different weights
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AWD-40PS is a variant of seismic source of the “weight drop” type. The hammer is equipped with an inclined platform, allowing it to be installed at an angle of 45 degrees, and a special stop, adding stability in an upright position, what allows to perform survey on shear waves.

The source AWD-40PS is mounted on a compact lightweight frame equipped with reliable wheel blocks. The delivery package of the source includes one hammer: 20, 33 or 40 kg. Hammers of another weights can be supplied additionally. The design of device allows hammer’s fast replacing in the field. The source can be used on a rugged terrain. The total weight of the source without battery pack is less than 120 kg. The energy of a single impact reaches 1000 J.

The source can be mounted on a trailer, trunk of a pickup, a four-wheeler or a compact wheel pair (tow bar — four-square).

The set includes:
  • Source AWD-40PS
  • Wired control console
  • Technical manual
Can be acquired additionally:
  • Additional hammer
  • Sealed (gel) battery 90 A*h
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Trigger switch
  • Titanium alloy plate for hammering

Type of waves

pressure and shear

Minimum response time

3 s

Weight (with additional hammer and battery)

< 120 kg

The energy of a single impact

1000 J

Weight of additional hammer

20/33/40 kg

Frame material


1 Mb